Anthony Callinan

Business and Board Advisor

I am a business leader from the oil & gas and energy industries. Starting as an electrical engineer, I moved into commercial roles and eventually served as a senior executive overseeing massive oil & gas infrastructure developments. 
A commercial lead, I negotiated the agreements with customers, partners and suppliers needed to make big projects happen. I led professional teams who developed project plans and provided budgets and analysis to support the negotiations.  Finally, I developed and argued the business cases for investment. This gave me access to some of Australia’s leading boardrooms.
In the NFP sector, I was a director and company secretary of the Arena Theatre Company for over 8 years.
I am passionate about good governance. I have seen how good governance creates great companies, and sadly, have seen examples of poor governance that wasted people's time, cost money and damaged goodwill.  Good governance enables directors, owners and managers of businesses to establish culture, policies and frameworks that empower staff to perform with purpose and vision.
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