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I offer customised business and board advice. The categories below indicate the types of the services I offer directly. I am also part of a network of accredited professionals that provides a wider range of services. If I can’t help you I will help find someone who can. Start by booking a free consultation. Make an appointment at a time that suits you and talk to me about what you need.


Maralee Consulting Services

Business Advice and Mentoring

Whether you are new or a seasoned business owner, a mentor can help you achieve your business goals. A mentor's role is to listen and offer assistance, observations and advice by drawing on their own business experience. A mentor can help you define your strategy, develop your business models, plan for growth or help you prepare a business for sale or merger. A skilled and experienced mentor will encourage you to think critically about your business and develop an effective strategy to pursue your vision.

I have mentored leaders in corporate roles, owners of small businesses, general managers and professionals. I helped a manager who was seeking promotion to a leadership role understand what leadership meant, how it differed from management and the importance of developing the power to influence. Another mentee owned a successful small business and used me as a sounding board as they developed their growth strategy

Mentoring typically involves a commitment to meeting in person for a couple of hours per month over a period of at least 12 months.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is concerned with the actions of directors, owners and managers of businesses. A whole business Governance framework is based on the principles of integrity, transparency, accountability, and stewardship. At the highest level the directors, owners and managers need to be able to clearly articulate their view of the desired culture, develop policy and promote codes of conduct and consistent business rules and processes. 

A customised whole of organisation governance framework that enables organisations to focus sharply, decide wisely, and peform better.

Good governance gives any business a competitive edge.

Agile Business Strategy

Businesses need to pursue their vision in a world of constant change and disruption. It's not hard for business owners to feel that they are continually playing catch-up as customer preferences and tastes change and competitors introduce newer smarter products and services.

It's our view that the days of strategic planning have ended. Instead, we advocate business modelling. We build models using tools like the Business Model Canvas and Strategy Dynamics to explore the drivers of customer preference and examine how the business responds with its Customer Value Proposition. These models allow business owners to understand their business as a system and explore the many parts and relationships that make it work. These are not analytic shortcuts but agile tools that allow you to develop products and services that provide more value for current customers and allow you to reach new customers.