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I work with you or your executive team to develop a negotiation mandate outlining the purpose and expected outcomes of your negotiation. Then with the negotiators we develop a plan. The plan consists of the negotiation strategy, the criteria for success, a map of the relationship you want with the other party. At this stage you may also want to rehearse or simulate the negotiation.

In the Room

I manage your back office: debriefing, coaching, and mentoring your negotiators. I offer tactical suggestions and assist them to understand the dynamics of the negotiation. I also assist with analysis of offers, and guide revisions to the plan to ensure your negotiators are on track and have the best possible information available to them.

The Deal

Once the final bargaining begins, it is important to ensure that what is already agreed is preserved, last minute concessions are avoided and both parties understand the full agreement. My role is to keep the negotiation on track and close quickly.

Debrief and Implementation

Once a deal is struck, I debrief your negotiators, capturing the experience and learning as a case study. I work with you to communicate the outcome to stakeholders and implement the agreement by, for example, briefing your financial team or writing instructions to staff or operators.

Pharos Leadership Executive Coaching

Executive coaching can develop skills, improve performance and develop leaders. As a Pharos Leadership executive coach, I can offer a range of coaching and development solutions to you and your team. Negotiations are an excellent coaching opportunity.

Additional Expertise Internal Consulting Group

I advise executives and teams leading change projects, restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions. As a accredited professional with Internal Consulting Group (ICG), I can offer my clients access to global management consulting expertise.

Why I need a Negotiation Advisor and other Frequently Asked Questions

About Negotiations

Managing critical negotiations
Achieving your best possible outcome

We want our clients to achieve their best possible outcome from negotiations.

We believe this is possible only if negotiators have a clear mandate, are well prepared, understand their best alternative outcome, and can judge success against objective criteria.

We also know that sustainable outcomes require relationships built on trust, so negotiators must have the emotional intelligence to navigate relationships both with counterparties and your stakeholders.

There are no tricks to control the other party so your best possible outcome may not be the one you ideally want. If you understand your alternative you can always know your best possible outcome.

Maralee Executive

Negotiation Advisor & Mentor
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Anthony Callinan

Negotiation Advisor
I have qualifications in engineering and business and have negotiated billion dollar deals for oil & gas, energy and utilities. I enjoy the challenge of closing complex and critical negotiations.

Always go into meetings or negotiations with a positive attitude. Tell yourself you're going to make this the best deal for all parties.

Natalie Massenet (founder Net-a-Porter)

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