Maralee Executive

Maralee Executive provides executive consulting and management services to directors and senior executives. As a skilled consultant, I lead projects or project streams, manage input from other experts and contribute thought leadership in negotiation, strategy execution, governance and leadership.


Maralee Executive helps clients plan and manage high value and complex business to business negotiations. I help clients resolve difficult issues by drawing on expertise built on decades of negotiating commercial deals in Australian and Asian oil & gas and energy.

Strategy Execution

Maralee Executive provides leadership and executive resources to senior executives responsible for M&A and strategic projects. I lead projects, setup and lead project management offices (PMO), head project streams, or provide specialist advice.

As an affiliate of Internal Consulting Group (ICG), Maralee Executive links clients to premium management consulting and project execution services in Australia and globally. ICG’s 21st-century consulting platform helps its clients deliver curated expertise, publications, methods learning and development and services.


Governance is about the process of making and implementing decisions. Good governance frameworks ensure that organisations make decisions based on the best available data, proper consideration of risk (and opportunities), the context of the decision and set expectations, communicate decisions and identify who is accountable for their implementation. I assist organisations to design, implement and monitor governance frameworks for directors, executives and projects managers.


Maralee Executive helps clients develop leadership capability with Pharos leadership.

PHAROS LEADERSHIP is a talented team of senior professional executives and business leaders with appropriate qualifications and corporate experience. The company was founded in 2003 with a clear vision of being recognised as “Evidence Based Coaching Leaders” within organisations.

PHAROS Coaches are seasoned CEOs and Senior Executives from major corporations with extensive, diverse business experience, who work directly with business leaders to develop practical and insightful coaching experiences which create lasting performance improvements.

I can help you to…

…develop a more productive board, executive or project team, develop and implement strategy, improve negotiation effectiveness, turn disputes into deals, and promote good governance.

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